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How Do I Know What Size Air Conditioner I Need For My House?

When buying a new air conditioning system, it must be an appropriate size to handle your cooling needs. But how do you determine the right size of AC unit you need to efficiently cool your home? How To Estimate Air Conditioner Size in Tons First, let’s look at how air conditioner sizes are determined. An…

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Humidifiers Benefit Your Family and Your Home

In winter a humidifier is a blessing to your home and to your family.  Learn more about what a properly installed humidifier does to protect you and your home. Humidifiers benefit your home and your health Getting ready for winter? At Enercare, we believe that maintaining proper indoor air quality is one of the best…

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Make your home energy efficient in just 10 easy steps

There are many ways to boost the energy efficiency of your home, including replacing the furnace or dishwasher, cleaning air ducts, changing filters, installing a thermostat or switching to LED lights. Even if you think your home is energy-efficient, there are probably still a few areas where you could make some improvements and save some…

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Gas or Electric: Make an Informed Decision

Should you choose gas or electric HVAC systems for your home? Choosing the type of HVAC system you will use in the home is a big deal. For many home owners, little information is known about such heating and cooling systems, making a choice difficult when it comes to a new installation. For the most…

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How Ductless AC Works: Benefits and Options

Ductless air conditioning offers many benefits over portable and window AC units. Ductless air conditioning systems are increasing in popularity because of their size, function and flexible application. Learn more about ductless air conditioning systems below to see if this system might be an option for your home. What Is Ductless Air Conditioning? To begin,…

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Learn How Water Softeners Can be of Benefit to the Home.

Many areas contain hard water that can cause issues with your home plumbing and appliances.  Find our how a home water softener can fix potential hard water issues. When you become a homeowner, you begin to learn about a variety of new things that you may have never even considered. Take the water you use…

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Manual, Programmable or Smart Thermostats: Which is the Best for Your Home?

There are many types of thermostats available in the market, including manual dial-based, programmable thermostats, and smart thermostats, each providing different benefits. The thermostat is an integral part of the heating system, tasked with keeping the temperature in the house at a level set by the homeowner. The furnace will automatically turn off when this…