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Massimo Tocco was friendly and professional and fixed our plumbing issues. We were very impressed with him!
Lisa Leopold
In the last week
Today ,Rauf,-H, he did a great job, at verifying,what I thought was the problem ,and getting me an appointment ,for the installation, of a water heate...
Brenda Beckett
In the last week
I have an Enercare plumbing package which is a great value and I recommend to all. We called Enercare to book a plumber to solve a clog in our garbur...
Jamie Marcovitch
In the last week
The service preson who came to look at the repair that needed to be done did not in clue.The part that needed to be repair was not in the contract, bu...
joseph calleja
In the last week
Wonderful gentleman and very helpful. Recommend him highly
Gaye Geller
In the last week
Massimo T. is friendly, polite and professional. Gave great advice .
Dynelle Bhola
In the last week
We used the Plumbing service . Toilet was leaking water. Paul Pantaleon provided excellent service. He suggested to change the toilet as it might eve...
Carlotta Yatar
In the last week
Paul P was awesome. Came on time and got the job done in under 5 minutes. Needed to get a flush handle replaced and had no issues. Thanks Paul. Would ...
Eshani Mongia
In the last week
Paul was excellent and helpful to find the issue on main valve and give me directions on how to schedule change.
azhar pathan
In the last week
Plumbing service. The service was excellent, Paul Pete the plumber did a great job, he fixed the issue in the kitchen sink by putting a new pipe, and ...
Amit Saini
In the last week

Enercare service van at customer homeRexdale really makes up part of Toronto and is comprised of several different neighborhoods. The surrounding areas for this region are Mississauga, Etobicoke, Downsview and North York. Rexdale is a beautiful area that has all the connotations of city living but a touch of nature to it, with it being so close to the West Humber River Valley. Over time this area has become multicultural and is home to many different ethnic groups.

With Rexdale being part of the larger city of Toronto, its economy is dependent on the major city but also is supported by the surrounding areas like Mississauga and Etobicoke. When one thinks about the Toronto Pearson Airport, they are thinking of Rexdale. The international airport and the intersection of two major highways, HWY 401 and HWY 427,  means that this area is a major travel hub for anyone travelling by airplane or by car.

Within Rexdale, there is a selection of smaller communities which are The Elms, Humberwood, Smithfield, Thistletown and Clairville.

With Rexdale being so close to major cities like Mississauga and Etobicoke, it means that residents and visitors here can take advantage of the many festivals and events that these cities have to offer.

Within each of these neighbourhoods are a great collection of homes many of which have been around for several years but are well kept. In addition to this, there are also new home sectors that Rexdale is enjoying.

All of these communities in Rexdale need a quality home comfort provider to rely on, and Enercare has taken on this role, just as it serves Toronto and Mississauga and the other close regions.

Enercare technician installing vent coverHeating and Cooling

Enercare is a home comfort provider that knows how important it is to protect the residents of Rexdale from the cold winters and hot summers. To do this, we offer sales, rentals, repair and maintenance for both your home heating system as well as your A/C and cooling systems. All of our services are provided by the very best of professionals.

Hot Water Needs and Water Treatments

Enercare is insistent on meeting the hot water needs for this region and does so with sales, rental, repair and maintenance along with some great options for water heating. Plus, we haven't forgotten about water quality either, so we are pleased to be able to provide a great selection of water treatment solutions.

Enercare Has Your Plumbing Covered

When Rexdale and surrounding area residents run into difficulty with their plumbing, all it takes is a phone call to us here at Enercare. Our professional plumbers will be your problem solver.

Your Air Quality Concerns are Enercare's Concerns

Having your ducts cleaned is really important for enhancing the air quality of your home. Our duct cleaning services are fast, efficient, hassle-free and affordable.

Enercare Has You Protected

Peace of mind is part of the home comfort roster at Enercare. To do this, we offer a selection of extensive protection plans.

We Care About Rexdale

As you will immediately see by our calibre of services and commitment to customer service, we genuinely care about the Rexdale and surrounding regions residents. We also care about those who don't have the opportunity to enjoy home comfort. This includes families who are struggling to start a new life after living in a shelter. To help meet their needs we have developed the Enercare Fresh Start Program in partnership with some of the local organizations. This gives us an opportunity to give these deserving families a Enercare Fresh Start Package that is been designed specifically for each family.

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