Enercare AdvantageTM Furnaces, Boilers, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps and Ductless

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What does the Enercare AdvantageTM program cover?

ProtectionYour Enercare Advantage™ rental gives you peace of mind with free maintenance and repairs for the life of your unit.** Our trained technicians carry out all their work to the highest standards of quality and timeliness.When you buy your unit, you take on the responsibility of paying for all repairs, parts and labour.
CostYou pay one predictable, competitive monthly fee for your Enercare Advantage™ rental.You pay a single lump sum buyout fee and assume ongoing costs of maintenance and repair.
SupportEnercare Advantage™ gives you unlimited service calls* and 24/7 access to 700+ certified technicians, with same-day service if you call before 5 p.m.**You may have some coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty, but that will expire at some point with an older unit. Even if a warranty is available, you will still need to find a third-party contractor to carry out servicing and repairs. 

What Could Maintenance and Repairs Cost?

When you buy your HVAC equipment outright, a single service call could cost several hundred dollars.

Typical HVAC Repairs+

PartsParts and Labour Costs (Customer-Owned Equipment)Parts and Labour Costs (Enercare Equipment)*
Faulty furnace motor$915.00 + tax$0.00
Faulty AC fan motor$731.00 + tax$0.00
Faulty boiler ventor motor Starting from $804.00 + tax$0.00

Rental HVAC Terms and Conditions

2023 Rental HVAC Agreement (Note: This is a sample version of our current rental HVAC agreement and is for reference only). 
For more information please call 1-833-438-0544.

Our Rental HVAC Buy-out Schedule

Why it Pays to Rent Your HVAC Equipment 

As your furnace, air conditioner or other HVAC equipment gets older, you might start to consider buying out your rental contract. But the risk of a breakdown goes up as equipment ages and a single repair (e.g. faulty furnace motor)+ could cost more than what’s left on your rental agreement. Continuing your rental agreement for older HVAC equipment lets you keep your maintenance and repair coverage* even after the manufacturer’s warranty is done. For more information please call 1-855-356-3127.

(Note: This is a sample version of the Buy-out Schedule in our current rental HVAC agreement and is for reference only).

Age of EquipmentBuy-out Price1 (% of Total Installed Cost2 of the Rental Equipment)
0 to less than 1 year old100%
1 to less than 2 years old98%
2 to less than 3 years old96%
3 to less than 4 years old92%
4 to less than 5 years old89%
5 to less than 6 years old86%
6 to less than 7 years old83%
7 to less than 8 years old79%
8 to less than 9 years old74%
9 to less than 10 years old68%
10 to less than 11 years old61%
11 to less than 12 years old53%
12 to less than 13 years old43%
13 to less than 14 years old31%
14 to less than 15 years old15%
15+ years old5%