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Furnace Woodbridge

261 Trowers Road
Woodbridge, ON
L4L 5Z8

Local: 905-266-0219

Toll-Free: 1 866-498-4992

Enercare Woodbridge: Furnace, Air Conditioners, Duct Cleaning, Hot Water Heater, Plumbing and Water Treatment.

The right furnace and air conditioner service and maintenance will keep your heating and cooling equipment at maximum efficiency, saving you money on energy costs.


Aurora, Concord, Kettleby, King City, Kleinburg, Newmarket, Nobleton, Maple, Pottageville, Richmond Hill, Schomberg, Thornhill, Woodbridge


Monday to Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday to Sunday: Open 24 hours

Enercare belongs to the following associations and complies to all requirements. Ensure your provider is accredited before allowing them into your home.
Enercare is a Greater Toronto Apartment Association (GTAA) Member Company
Enercare is a Toronto Construction Association Member Company
Enercare is a Federation of Rental-Housing Providers of Ontario (FRPO) Member Company
Enercare is a Building Industry and Land Development Association (BILD) Member Company
 Enercare is a Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) Member Company

Whitby Furnace | Residential & Commercial

Furnace Renting is a Hassle-Free Option for Home or Business

Every home and business is different. We offer our customers flexible purchase, finance and rental options. For dependable heating, bundle equipment maintenance plans with your purchasing or financing terms. Renting is a hassle-free, convenient option for business owners who don’t want to worry about any upfront payment, ongoing maintenance costs, expensive repair service calls or equipment replacement.

Whitby Air Conditioning | Residential & Commercial

Keep Cool on a Hot Day in Whitby - AC

At Enercare Whitby, we know that a leaking or dirty air conditioner costs time and money while impacting the environment. Tune-ups can help identify potential problems before they become costly breakdowns. Rising electricity costs make efficiency more important every day. With a Cooling Maintenance Plan, we start by booking an appointment at a convenient time before the gruelling summer season starts.

Whitby Plumbers | Residential & Commercial

Never Worry about a Blocked Drain or Clogged Pipe in Your Whitby Home

A blocked toilet can really slow you down as you or your family try to get on with their day. A blocked main drain on your property can do a lot more than just slow you down a bit. Home insurance doesn’t usually cover basic repairs, and the unknown costs of a plumber can be worrisome. For a monthly fee, Enercare Whitby will provide licensed and insured plumbers to your home each and every time there’s a drain or blocked plumbing problem. With unlimited coverage of parts and labour, never worry about a blocked drain or clogged pipe ever again.

Enercare Whitby: Rental Water Heaters, Water Softeners & Water Treatment | Residential & Commercial

Rent or Buy Your Whitby Home’s Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters, which are also sometimes called instantaneous hot water heaters or on-demand water heaters, are water heating systems for your home that do not have a storage tank. They heat water only when you need it, which helps reduce heat loss through water pipes or the tank walls themselves. A gas burner is used to heat the water.

Why Enercare Woodbridge for Your HVAC, Plumbing or Duct Cleaning needs?

We’re proudly owned and operated in Canada with employees who live and work in their communities. Our goal is to make sure you’re comfortable and to ensure that your home is just the way you like it. Cool when it’s hot outside. Warm when it’s cold outside. And with all the hot water you need to keep your day running smoothly.


Enercare Woodbridge sponsored Community events: City of Vaughan Winterfest and Summerfest

Charities supported by Enercare Woodbridge: YMCA, Heart and Stroke, Cancer Research, Abused Woman. Salvation Army, local food bank as well as local xmas toy drives.


What our Customers say...

I have an air conditioner/furnace service plan with Enercare. Yesterday, on the hottest day of the year, my air conditioner stopped working. I called Enercare, and within an hour a technician arrived to check it out! It turned out my unit, from 1989, finally permanently gave up. No charge for the service call, thanks to my plan. Within another hour, a salesman was there to give me an estimate for a new one, and explained the different options between owning and renting. I decided to go with a monthly rental, and then at 8am the next morning, installers were here to put the new one in! From start to finish, everything, from my initial service call right through to the installation of a new air conditioner, happened in less than 24 hours! And everyone, from the woman I spoke to on the phone, to the repair tech, to the salesman, to the installers, were courteous and professional. Now that's what I call great service.
Enercare Colette
My first experience with Enercare was extremely impressive...from start to finish every person I encountered was informative, courteous, friendly, excellent communication skills, prompt, confirmations provided immediately...From the customer service reps to the technician(s) the service provided was how things use to be and should be...customer service personified!... Thank you!
Enercare Teresa B.
I purchased Three-in-One Home Protection from Enercare. Right after joining them, my AC had an issue so I called them right away to look at it. They were able to get a technician there the very next morning. I am very happy with the service received and I think for the price paid, the value and peace of mind is well worth it! So far, my experience has been as promised and most importantly, I was able to get someone in quickly to fix my issue.
Enercare Kalson

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