5 ways to lower your carbon footprint in everyday life

JANUARY 24, 2018

Making small changes can add up to big change. Find out more here.

1. Reduce the amount you drive

  • Walk whenever possible - it's good exercise.
  • Use public transportation if you can.
  • Make your trips as efficient as possible.
  • Start a carpool.

2. Be smart about your water

  • Purchase a filter for your tap water instead of buying bottled water.
  • Up to 47 million gallons of oil are used annually just to create plastic water bottles, according to Food and Water Watch.
  • 75% of these bottles are not recycled.

3. Reduce waste at home

  • Pay your bills online to reduce paper materials.
  • Re-use plastic shopping bags to line trash cans.
  • Fertilize your garden with old fruits and vegetables.

4. Eat organic or locally

  • Buy local foods, versus ones that have travelled hundreds of miles by truck.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint that comes with shipping produce.

5. Be smart about your energy use

  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Turn off the television when you're finished watching it.
  • Wash your clothes in cold water.
  • Replace your conventional light bulbs with energy efficient ENERGY STAR® ones.