What is green or renewable energy?

JANUARY 23, 2018

All that you need to know about renewable energy.

Green or renewable energy comes from sources that occur naturally - leading to an infinite supply of this energy.


  • Solar power (heat from the sun)
  • Hydro power (movement of water)
  • Wind power (movement of wind)
  • Geothermal power (heat from friction inside the earth)
  • Biomass energy (from biological material)

Non-renewable energy sources result from the extraction and burning of coal, oil and petroleum - otherwise called fossil fuels. Although they might also occur naturally inside the earth’s surface, there’s only a finite amount available. This leads to concerns over future energy shortages.

To date, most of the world's energy consumption comes from non-renewable energy resources.

Green energy sources are gaining popularity as viable alternatives such as bio-diesel to create fuel for vehicles, including ethanol. Electric and solar-powered cars are also gaining popularity around the world.

When you learn what classifies energy as green or renewable, you will be able to use energy more effectively for the benefit of our planet.