Smart HVAC Systems Deliver Peace of Mind Between Annual Inspections

A diagram showing how Enercare's hvac performance monitoring system works

Regular maintenance and inspections are important in many aspects of your life. Think of your car’s scheduled tune-ups. Your annual physical. Or your twice-a-year visits to the dentist. 

It’s the same for your home comfort systems. Your furnaces and air conditioners are some of the most complicated and expensive pieces of equipment in your home, so of course you want them running at peak performance for as long as possible. 

While annual HVAC inspections are great, they only happen, well, annually. You get a good idea of how things are performing at that precise moment in time — but there’s a lot that can happen in the 364 days in between. 

Identifying Performance Issues as They Happen

Picture this: you’ve increased the temperature on your home thermostat to keep everyone comfortable and warm. You hear the furnace start up but your home doesn’t get very warm, even after a few hours. Or maybe you’ve set your AC to kick in at 21 degrees but the system struggles to reach and maintain that temperature.

Enercare’s HVAC Performance Monitoring (HPM) may help prevent these scenarios and others like them. It’s a remote HVAC monitoring service that scans your furnace or central AC around the clock for unusual performance patterns, spikes in energy use and other anomalies — so if anything has or could go wrong, we can act on it right away.

Here’s How It Works

A diagram showing how Enercare's hvac performance monitoring system works

Using your average thermostat settings as a starting point, Enercare HPM’s smart sensors monitor several aspects of your HVAC equipment performance (average cool cycle runtime, period and total cool runtime, outdoor temperature), sending a continuous stream of data to our servers through your home’s Wi-Fi connection. 

If your furnace or central AC takes an unusually long time to reach your pre-set temperature or stays on longer than it should after getting there, Enercare HPM’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning will detect the issue and trigger an alert. Then, our experts behind the scenes analyze the data to decide what to do next. You’ll receive an alert through the Enercare Smarter Home® mobile app and in the Enercare Smarter Home® web portal telling you an issue has been detected, plus an email from our team describing what’s going on, including whether your HVAC system requires immediate service or if it’s an issue we can safely monitor over time to see if performance improves. In urgent cases, we’ll contact you by phone during the day (from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) to set up a service appointment and get the problem fixed.

Enercare HPM can also spot anomalies that aren’t related to your thermostat’s pre-set temperature, like when your AC runs non-stop for hours at a time. It could be something that’s easy to fix — maybe a window was left open overnight or the AC’s air filter just needs to be changed — or it could be an indicator of a more serious malfunction. Regardless, HPM will detect it and we’ll determine the next steps to take. 

Want to Learn More?

Enercare’s HVAC Performance Monitoring is available through any of our Enercare Smarter Home® packages. Call us at 1-855-642-8607 for more details.

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