How to keep your kids safe around your gas fireplace

APRIL 3, 2017

If you have small children, you can never leave your natural gas fireplace unattended. Be sure to install a protective barrier and teach your kids not to touch the front panel.

A natural gas flame and small children are not an ideal combination, so if you have toddlers running around an unprotected fireplace, there are safety precautions that should be implemented in your home. To prevent incidents and keep your kids safe, you should put ground rules in place to minimize the risks of an accident involving your fireplace. The list below will give you a few examples of where to start and minimize stress because after all, your fireplace is there to be enjoyed! Here is what you should do to help keep your family protected:

Teach your kids about the dangers

Nothing works better than education, and teaching your children from an early age about fire safety is very beneficial. Teaching them to stay away from the natural gas fireplace and not to touch the glass panel in front of the flames, should be an integral part of their education. There are a lot of helpful videos available online to help make the learning process fun and interactive. Although education is key, don’t forget that kids are curious by nature so it is still important to watch them while they are around the fireplace.

Never leave the fireplace running

Accidents typically happen when parents temporarily leave the room, leaving the kids without supervision for a few critical minutes. This can be easily prevented by turning off the fireplace before going away to do something else or taking your kids away from the room.

Install barriers to block access

Placing an obstacle between the fireplace and the rest of the room is a mandatory safety measure if you have kids under the age of five. Small children won’t be able to get around the obstacle and may be discouraged from trying in the future. Not only will the child be prevented from touching the hot glass, they won’t be able to tamper with the command buttons either.

And of course, we always recommend you consult an expert for complete safety assurance. All of these measures will help to ensure that your natural gas fireplace is both beneficial for your family and safe for your children.