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What to do if your water pipes freeze

January 16, 2018
Frozen pipes? First things first ~ turn off the water! Check out the steps you need to take as soon as you realize you've got frozen pipes.
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Maintenance tips for your wood-burning fireplace

January 14, 2018
Fireplaces are a great source of heat for your family home but only if you know how to use and maintain them safely and properly.
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What to look for if you're wondering if your homes ducts need cleaning

October 10, 2017
Do my ducts need cleaning? Probably one of the questions we get asked the most. Here are a few tips to think about and look at to decide if your ducts need cleaning.
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Fall Cleaning for a healthy family and a clean home.

October 9, 2017
Fall cleaning may not be as popular as spring cleaning. At Enercare we believe it's just as important to a healthy home and family. Check out our fall cleaning checklist.
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Make your home energy efficient in just 10 easy steps

April 3, 2017
Everyone loves to save money. Follow these tips to help you save money on your next energy bill.
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Things to know about Air Conditioning in your home

April 3, 2017
Most people take home air conditioning for granted, we've got some information about air conditioning you might not know.
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