January 23, 2018

4 tips for a successful green move

Just because you are moving to a new house doesn't mean that you can't be green. Find out how to do it in a more environmentally-sensitive manner.

1. Consider which items are worth the move

  • Inventory each item you're packing and determine if you really need it.
  • Hold a garage sale or donate unwanted items to charity instead of throwing them away.

2. Seek out green moving materials

  • Ask a restaurant or retail store for cardboard boxes for your move.
  • Buy used cardboard boxes or locate them from other movers onĀ freecycle.org.
  • Avoid cardboard boxes altogether - rent reusable packing crates instead.

3. Opt for green packing materials

  • Choose materials like recycled newspaper instead of using bubble wrap.
  • Use old towels or clothes - pack and protect your items at the same time.

4. Check the trucks

  • Look for environmentally-friendly movers in your area.

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