January 23, 2018

7 green living tips for travellers

These tips prove that you can be a traveller without harming the environment. Read more to find out how.

1. Get your house ready

  • Unplug or power down non-essential appliances before your departure, including electronics like the TV, computer or stereo.

2. Pack efficiently

  • Pack only what you need - extra items mean extra weight, and reduced fuel efficiency.
  • Lighter bags are easier to carry and less expensive to transport.

3. Reduce car use

  • Use public transportation to and from the airport and to sites near your destination.
  • Do a ride share with a program like Uber.
  • Explore local sites on foot.
  • Rent a smaller, more fuel-efficient car, when necessary.

4. Go paperless when possible

  • Choose the airline’s ticketless options to reduce paper and improve check in times.
  • Opt for paperless check in options at hotels if available.

5. Fly green

  • Fly direct. It protects you against luggage loss, saves time and reduces emissions.

6. Treat your hotel room like home

  • Turn off lights when they are not in use and use the air conditioner less.
  • Opt against daily towel and linen service.

7. Shop smart for souvenirs

  • Buy eco-friendly souvenirs.
  • Choose smaller, lighter items that minimize the added luggage weight.
  • Choose items that are locally made or made from re-usable materials.

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