Setting The Smarter Home Scene

User configures smarter home sockets from mobile phone

Set the scene for your everyday life by following the steps below. 

  1. Log into the Enercare Smarter Home Portal.
  2. From your account homepage, click “Automation” in the left side panel.
  3. Click “Scenes“.


  1. Click on the arrow next to “Scenes” on the right side of the Enercare Smarter Home Portal.

To create a new scene

  1. Click “New Scene“. 
  2. Enter a name for the scene in the “Scene name field“, then select the preferred options.
  3. All of your equipment that can be programmed in a scene will show up automatically.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save“.

To modify an existing scene

  1. Click the “pencil icon” next to the Scene you want to change.
  2. Make the desired changes and scroll down to click “Save“.