Smarter Home Temperature Sensor

Man looking at smart thermostat while looking at mobile phone

Ensure your home is a comfortable temperature with the Enercare Smarter Home Temperature Sensor. Working in conjunction with your Enercare Smarter Home Thermostat, your Enercare Smarter Home Temperature Sensors will deliver precision comfort to the rooms you spend your time in – not just where your thermostat happens to be.

Alerts are smart.

Don’t throw money out the window, whether you’re losing heat from a drafty window or want to monitor the temperature in the kids’ room, you’ll be notified on your Enercare Smarter Home mobile app of any changes in temperature so you can act quickly. 

Solutions are Smarter.

Create custom scenes directly from your smartphone, tablet or computer and schedule your thermostat to adjust the temperature based on your lifestyle.


  • Instantly receive a text or email alert when your Enerare Smarter Home Temperature Sensors report an unusually high or low temperature 
  • Create custom scenes to match your comfort preference and ensure your home is always the right temperature
  • Set multiple sensors in your home to create precision comfort


  • Monitor the temperature in certain areas of your home, such as a drafty basement or attic
  • Identify heating and cooling issues early by placing one or multiple Enercare Temperature Sensors around your home. Specify which sensors commands your Enercare Smarter Home Thermostat right from your smartphone
  • Receive instant alerts, allowing you to adjust the temperature in real-time, preventing damage caused by extreme temperature changes such as a frozen pipe or mold