Smarter Home Thermostat 101

Enercare Smarter Home Thermostat

Having an Enercare Smarter Home allows you to take control of your home’s comfort while conserving energy, saving money and reducing your environmental impact.

Switching from Heat to Cool – Mode setting
The Enercare Smarter Home Thermostat has three comfort settings – HEAT, COOL and AUTO. You can set the thermostat to any of these settings at the thermostat, on the Smarter Home mobile app or using the Smarter Home dashboard on your computer. If you have chosen “Auto”, the thermostat will switch from the “Heat” to “Cool” settings automatically, based on the pre-defined temperature. To manually switch to a different setting, you can press the mode button on the thermostat and cycle to the setting you would like to choose.

Smarter Home Thermostat line drawing

Saving money
One of the best features of your Smarter Home Thermostat is the ability to adjust the temperatures to help you save money.  During the heating season, every degree you lower your temperature on your thermostat could save you up to 3% on your heating bill.  If you are away for the day, setting the thermostat back to 15 degrees Celsius could help reduce your heating bill up to 20%.

If you are going away on vacation, you can set your thermostat to know when you are away and when you will return. It can be set up to adjust the temperature after you leave, keep it at your chosen temperature while you are away and adjust the temperature back to your ideal comfort levels when you arrive back home.

While away, you will receive notifications if your equipment has an issue or if the temperature has increased/decreased relative to a pre-defined temperature threshold.

Remember to close your blinds or curtains in the summer to help keep the heat out and open them in the winter to let the sunlight in.

Lastly, be sure to change/clean your furnace filter every one to three months. 

Your new thermostat requires batteries as a backup. The thermostat will tell you when the battery levels are low by flashing “LOW” then “BATT” on the display. To replace the batteries, pull the thermostat unit off the wall and you’ll find the batteries in the back. It takes four AA batteries. Install the batteries in accordance with the polarity markings on the thermostat and always use new batteries.

If the batteries have completely drained, the HVAC system could stay on or off which could cause issues in your home. We suggest replacing the batteries once a year to avoid corrosion from leaking batteries. 

Heating or Cooling Doesn’t Turn On When the Set Point is Above or Below the Room Temperature.
To avoid damaging the compressor, the thermostat inserts a delay when cycling the compressor. If you believe the system should be on but it’s not, then change the set point 2 degrees beyond the current set point and wait 5 minutes to see if the system turns on. If not, contact the Enercare Smarter Home team at 1-833-99-SMART.