Smarter Home Energy Saving Tips

dad and daughter with tablet

Choosing Enercare Smarter Home may help to lower your energy use.

Track your energy usage, turn off devices and adjust your home’s temperature simply and easily through the Enercare Smarter Home Portal or mobile app.  Take it one step further and see what devices, appliances or electronics in your home are consuming the most energy using Smarter Home plugs, switches and energy management clamps. Setup scenes so you can start saving by turning off items when they aren’t needed.

Enercare Smarter Home also includes an energy usage dashboard that allows you to calculate estimated savings using the current electricity rate of your provider.

Energy Saving tips:


  • As much as 50% of your home’s energy use is from heating and cooling, so programming your thermostat to help reduce energy use is important.  In the winter, set your thermostat to 15°C when you aren’t home and reduce your heating costs by up to 20%.
  • Going on vacation? Set your thermostat lower in winter or higher in summer to help save energy.  
  • Replace your furnace filter regularly – every one to three months, including in the summer if you have air conditioning.
  • Close your curtains and blinds in the summer to help keep the heat out and open them in the winter to let the heat from the sun in.


  • Instead of leaving your lights on outside when you are coming home late and wasting energy, set up geo-fencing so your lights are on only when you need them.
  • Before bed, check that all your lights are turned off

While these tips are common sense even if you don’t have an Enercare Smarter Home, with the ability to automate it becomes easier.