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5 things every homeowner should do to prepare for cold weather

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Simple tips to keep your house warm.

After enjoying above-average temperatures so far this winter, it appears our luck has finally run out. Forecasts are calling for frigid weather, so here are a few things you should consider to ensure your home is prepared for the cold. 

Even if you forgot how to deal with Canadian winters, don’t fret. Follow these simple tips from Enercare Home Services to keep your house warm.

1. Protect your pipes

No one wants to deal with the mess (and expense) of frozen pipes. Get ahead of the game by taking some precautions. For areas with poor insulation such as your kitchen or bathroom sinks, keep the cabinets open to allow extra heat to reach the pipes. If you want to go one step further, seal up any cracks in your insulation and use foam pipe wrap to cover pipes that are particularly susceptible to the cold.

2. Pay attention to your furnace

Have a look at your furnace filter. Is it dirty? Toss it and replace with a new one. Doing this can reduce your energy consumption and save you in heating costs. Also inspect your furnace for any signs of leakage or deterioration. If something seems concerning, call a home services company to check it out.

3. Stay safe with a winter emergency kit

You never know when something might go wrong, so be prepared and make a winter emergency kit. Some items you may want to include: a flashlight, battery-powered radio, portable cell phone charger, and bottled water. Keep a good shovel and some rock salt handy for dealing with snow and ice on your walkway. And don’t forget your furry friends - bring any pets inside to keep them safe and warm.

4. Break out your cozy sweater

It can be tempting to crank up your heat to stay warm, but a cheaper solution can be found right inside your wardrobe. Homeowners can save up to three percent on heating costs for every degree the thermostat is lowered. So open the blinds, let the sunshine in and grab your favourite blanket. Your energy bill will thank you.

5. Winterize your ride

As winter-proof and inviting as your home may be, you will likely have to venture outside at some point. If travel is essential, make sure your vehicle has been winterized. Check your washer fluid and antifreeze levels and ensure your battery is in good working order. Keep a shovel in the trunk in case you have issues getting out of your space. And don’t forget about what’s underneath the car; make sure you’re equipped with a good set of snow tires to prevent slipping and skidding in icy conditions.


Facing the challenges of a Canadian winter is difficult enough without adding a weather-related crisis at home to the mix. Remember to follow these tips to avoid any mishaps and stay two steps ahead of Mother Nature.

Find additional safety tips or information on products and services offered by Enercare or call 1 855-255-5458 for more.


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