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Energy efficiency tips for summer

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Quick and easy ways to save energy and money this summer.

1. Consider installing a programmable thermostat

Set your AC to turn on and off when you need it.

2. Use your air conditioner less at night

Open your windows in the evening to let cooler air in overnight and turn off the air conditioner.

3. Use ceiling fans

They cost about five cents an hour to operate - much less than an AC unit.

4. Install awnings and overhangs on south-facing windows

Keep the sun out during the summer, and then take them down to let sun in during the winter.

5. Consider upgrading your windows

Select high efficiency windows with low-e coatings, argon gas fill and insulated spacers.

6. Look into a reflective roof

Keep the sun’s heat from transferring into your home or building. Depending on your climate, it could reduce the roof surface temperature by up to 15.5 °C (60°F).


Enercare | Energy Efficiency Tips for Summer

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