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4 easy ways to encourage recycling at home

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Simple ways to move your family towards your green home goals.

1. Keep it simple

  • Set your family recycling cans in a high-traffic area, preferably near the garbage can.
  • Prominently mark each can to help your kids separate recyclables.

2. Set clear goals

  • Help your kids understand the impact recycling has on the environment.
  • Provide a tangible goal like throwing out no more than three bags of trash each week.
  • Keep track of each successful week.
  • Treat your family to pizza at the end of a good month.

3. Work with them to conserve

  • Teach your kids to not be wasteful with materials they already use.
  • Have them draw on both sides of their paper or write on both sides in their notebook.
  • Encourage them to use the same cup throughout the day.
  • Donate clothing or toys your children have outgrown to a local charity.

4. Let them share in the profits

  • Split any profits from recycled bottles or cans among your family members.


Enercare | 4 Easy Ways to Encourage Recycling at Home

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