Understanding my bill

  • On the first page of your bill, you will see a summary of payments made, adjustments, charges (previous balance and new charges), taxes, and any other associated fees with that bill. A breakdown of new charges/adjustments are shown on the following pages of your bill. The Current Bill Detail section displays the rental equipment you have with Enercare, any plans on the account, the service periods they were billed for, along with their monthly rates, and subtotals. Adjustment details will display any adjustments made on your account (credits or charges).
  • You can find your account number at the top of your bill. You may have a 10-digit account number or a 12-digit account number.  See bill sample.
    • If you have a 12-digit account number:Log into My Account.
    • Click on the ‘Billing’ menu icon.
    • Click on the ‘Bills’ menu item located under your ‘Billing history.’
    If you have a 10-digit account number:

    Online billing

      • Sign up for My Account to ensure you have access to your Enercare bills online. If you have enrolled in paperless billing, make sure that you add [email protected] to your contact list.
      • If you’ve opted to receive paper bills and have not received an invoice 45 days after enrolling in a new product with Enercare, call us at 1-855-642-8607.

      Enbridge Gas migration

      • If you received credits from Enercare before your billing was transferred to Enercare’s direct billing, these credits have been added to your Enbridge Gas bill.
      • Due to privacy concerns, the payment information you provided directly to Enbridge Gas is not transferable to your Enercare account.  See “How to enroll on pre-authorized payment FAQ” for more details.
      • You should not expect any changes to your monthly charges due to this billing transition.

        To keep your billing as consistent as possible during this transition, we have aligned as closely as possible to the Enbridge billing dates.  Please refer to the details section of your Enercare bill that shows the service period. If this date range is not 30 days, you may have received prorated charges.  We can assure you that going forward you will be billed consistently for a monthly period on upcoming Enercare bills.
      • Please call us at 1-855-642-8607 and choose the Billing option to speak with a member of our team.    
      • If you currently have Enercare products billing on different Enbridge Gas accounts for your properties, these accounts may be migrating at different times between April and October 2024. We can assure you that all of your accounts will be migrated by October 2024.