Avoid costly damage caused by water

water laying on kitchen floor

Most people have either experienced water damage in their home or know someone who has.

Water damage is responsible for 23% of homeowner’s property losses annually.  The longer a leak goes undetected the more damage it can do and the more costly it can become – upwards of $20,000 for a repair.

Most homeowners insurance will cover the cost of the damage but it can’t replace sentimental items like photos or memorabilia.

How to avoid water damage in your home

  1. Use an Enercare Smarter Home Water Leak Sensor that can be placed under a sink, by a toilet, behind your washing machine, etc.
  2. Have an Enercare Smarter Home Water Valve Shut-off so you can turn off the main water line in your home if a leak exists so you can minimize the damage until the leak is fixed.
  3. Have your plumbing pipes checked by a licensed plumber 
  4. Make sure to winterize your home’s plumbing
  5. Add an Enercare Smarter Home Temperature Sensor in an area in your home that gets cold and is near plumbing – like a crawl space.  If the temperature dips to a very low point, you can set up a notification that lets you know about the cold before your pipes freeze.