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If you are billed by Engridge Gas you will need to contact them regarding your account information including updating account information, moving, credits, sending in a payment, etc.
  • If your purchase and sales agreement did not include the rental, please attach a copy of the agreement using this form showing that the rental was not included. Once received and the proof is validated, your account will be closed and all charges will be reversed. If the rental is disclosed in your purchase and sales agreement, you are responsible for the ongoing rental payments for the product.
  • The following information can be updated by completing this form.  
    • Mailing Address
    • Incorrect spelling of Account Name
    • Postal Code or Address Updates
    • Phone Number
    • Change of Last Name
    Please fill the form in with your old information and then supply your new information in the form’s comment box.
  • If you receive a bill directly from Enercare only and your bill is showing a credit balance, you may request that this amount be refunded to you. The fastest way for us to refund the credit balance to you would be via direct deposit, which you may request by filling in this form and attaching a copy of a void cheque. Please include in the comments the credit amount and your account number. It normally takes 2-4 weeks for the funds to be deposited into your account.
  • If you are billed directly by Enercare, give us a call at 1-855-642-8607 and we can process this for you. If you are billed by for any of our services, you will need to contact them directly to get this corrected.  Their contact information should appear on your most recent bill.        
  • You can make an online payment through your banking institution. If you are billed by Enercare please ensure the payee is Enercare Home Services and include the 10-digit account number shown at the top of your bill.
  • Yes we do.  If you are billed directly by Enercare, you can sign up for an account and set up pre-authorized billing.  
  • If you are billed directly by Enercare, we ask that you contact our Payment Arrangement Team. We will be happy to assist you with a payment plan going forward.

    Payment Arrangement Team: 1-855-367-7177
    Mon – Fri – 8:00am – 8:00pm
    Sat – 8:30am – 5:00pm
    (Closed Sunday and Statutory Holidays)

    If you are billed by Enbridge Gas for any of our services, you will need to contact them directly. Their contact information should appear on your most recent bill.
  • If you are billed by Enercare, you may pay your bill by mailing a cheque along with the bill statement stub to the address below. Please make cheque payable to Enercare Home Services and include your account number in the memo section of the cheque. Please allow for postal delivery time when sending your payment.

    Enercare Home Service
    P.O Box 9925
    STN A Toronto, ON M5W 2J2

    Enercare is not responsible for payments received late due to postal delays. Please allow 7 business days for your payment to reach our office.
  • Payments can take 3-4 business days to process. If the payment is posted on the account after your new invoice is generated, the payment will not appear on the latest invoice we send you. However, the next invoice you receive will show the applied payments. To avoid this situation, we ask that you make all payments prior to the bill due date.
  • Give us a call at 1-855-642-8607.
  • To view previous invoices, we ask that you register your account through our e-billing portal. Here you will be able to view, download, print and review your previous invoices.
  • If you have Enercare Advantage™ rental equipment, the rental rates may increase on January 1 of each calendar year.  See rental agreement for details.
  • This occurs when a new product is added and not linked to your original account. Give us a call at 1-855-642-8607 to get this corrected.
  • You should receive your bill monthly.

    Need more help? Get in touch with Enercare’s customer service by calling 1-855-642-8607.

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