Enercare’s COVID-19 Response

Enercare is here for you and your family and will continue to meet the needs of your home and business. Our safety-first mandate ensures the well-being of your family, your employees and our team.  

Starting with a pre-site clearance call. 
Before entering your home or business, we will contact you to verify site safety.  This includes confirming that no one on the premises has recently travelled, is in quarantine or is experiencing COVID-19 related symptoms. Where the risk of COVID-19 is present, we will not enter the premise and will work to provide alternate solutions.

Disinfecting tools and equipment before and after our visit. 
We minimize our points of contact and disinfect tools and equipment after each site visit using Health Canada approved disinfecting products. 

Using enhanced personal protective equipment. 
Our team is equipped with KN95 face masks, gloves and eye protection. For high-risk environments like nursing homes, additional protocols are taken, including wearing of disposable Tyvek suits.

Reducing the time spent in your home by almost 90%.
With the use of video conference software, our Energy Management Consultants are able to provide alternative ways for completing your heating and cooling assessment. There are three assessment options now available:

  1. In-Person Visit –  During this 60 – 90-minute appointment, the consultant will assess the technical requirements and provide you with multiple service options and applicable pricing. 
  2. Minimized Interaction Visit – During this appointment, face-to-face interaction time is reduced to 45 – 60 minutes. Customers are asked to have copies of gas and hydro bills ready, and to have prior discussions around any comfort concerns, such as uneven temperatures or noisy equipment.
  3. Virtual Visit – During this appointment, a 10 – 15 minute in-person visit is followed by a 45 – 60-minute virtual conference call via our easy to use video software. While in the home or business, our consultants will assess venting, electrical, gas, ductwork, drains, and sizing requirements, during which time the required 6ft physical distancing must be maintained, or customers can retire to a different area of the home or business.

What some of our customers are saying:

“… The service we received today was flawless. I especially want to thank you personally, specifically for taking care with all the precautions for COVID….” (Vicki S.)

“… Very polite and personable and also took utmost care to observe social distancing and pandemic precautions.” (Ellen S.)

“…. We were out of water from 1 whole day and the technician came so prompt on time and followed all COVID-19 safety guidance…” (Rajesh P.)

“… The technicians were very polite, they respected the COVID safety precautions wearing their gloves and mask (PPE), I am very happy with my service, 10/10 would recommend.” (Mohamed H.)