Who are The HVAC Whisperers™?

When it comes to heating and cooling systems, Enercare’s technicians have unique abilities that few possess. For these experts, diagnosing, repairing or replacing HVAC equipment is like a sixth sense to them. That’s why we call them The HVAC Whisperers.

At Enercare, we know that furnaces, boilers and air conditioners aren’t top-of-mind for most people, until they break down, but with an Enercare technician just a call away, there’s no need to stress.

So, the next time a breakdown happens, put your trust in The HVAC Whisperers from Enercare.

Enercare's Local HVAC Whisperer

Although Grant Harris is an Enercare HVAC Whisperer, ironically he is a self-proclaimed loud person.

Grant has over 30 years of HVAC experience, spending 20 years at Enercare’s sister company, Service Experts, before joining the Enercare Richmond Hill team over ten years ago. Grant’s expertise in HVAC is generational; his dad was a refrigeration mechanic and helped guide Grant toward his chosen career as a service technician.

Grant’s approach to 5-star service is simple – he is passionate about what he does and understands that with the right attitude, you can really make a positive impact on customers. His key to success is transparency; every service call is an opportunity to not just tackle the issue at hand, but to actually educate homeowners throughout the service process.  When he’s not on the road, Grant enjoys gardening, exercising and cuddling with his dogs, Meat and Potatoes.

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