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When do the changes take effect?

Starting August 2019, you will be billed monthly by Enercare Home Services.

When will I receive my first bill from Enercare Home Services?

You will begin to receive bills from Enercare Home Services starting August 2019.

Are there changes to my terms and conditions?

There will be no changes to your terms and conditions. We continue to remain committed to our service obligations, accordingly, your payment obligations will remain the same.

What if I need a service technician to repair my equipment?

You can continue to reach us at 1-866-421-9025. You may also reach us 24/7 at 1-800-266-3939 and we would be happy to send out one of our 700 licensed technicians to check your equipment!

What products and services does Enercare Home Services provide?

We offer a wide range of products and services for heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, smarter home products and more! Visit at any time to find out more.

Does Enercare Home Services have an app available?

Yes. By signing up for our mobile app, you can schedule a maintenance or service visit and review your account information. Note: Currently not available in Thunder Bay area.

I’m moving, who should I contact?

If you receive your bill directly from Enercare, contact us at 1-800-266-3939 and we will register the move for you. If you receive your Enercare charges on your Enbridge Gas bill, you will need to reach out to Enbridge Gas to advise them of the move.


If you receive an Enercare bill, either previously from Enercare Solutions or Enercare Home Services, please see below for further information.

Enercare Home Services Bill Example:

Enercare Solutions Bill Example:

Is my account number changing?

Yes. With the change from Enercare Solutions to Enercare Home Services, accounts number updates will occur.

Where can I find my new account number?

Your new account number is located at the top of your Enercare Home Services bill and begins with the numbers ‘700’.

Are there any changes to how I should make payments?

Yes. Once you have received your first Enercare Home Services bill, you will need to ensure you have made the required updates.

  • If you pay via online banking:
    Please ensure that you update (i) the “payee” to Enercare Home Services, and (ii) your account number to the new account number found at the top of your Enercare Home Services bill, beginning with the numbers “700”
  • If you pay via cheque:
    Please make the cheque payable to Enercare Home Services, and mail the cheque with the corresponding payment stub to the new mailing address listed below
    • P.O. Box 9925, STN A, Toronto, Ontario
  • If you pay via Pre-Authorized payments:
    No action is required. Your monthly charges will continue to be withdrawn with all payment records reflected on your bank or credit card statements as Enercare Home Services.
Prior to the August 2019 change, I was receiving one bill from Enercare Solutions and one bill from Enercare Home Services. I am now receiving two monthly bills from Enercare Home Services. Can I have all my monthly charges billed on one bill?

Yes. If you would like to receive a single consolidated bill, please contact us at 1-800-266-3939 and one of our representatives will arrange this for you.

Will I be able to obtain a copy of my previous bills from Enercare Solutions?


  • If you have an online billing account with us, you can view your previous bills through the online billing portal.
  • If your Enercare Solutions bill is mailed, please reach out to us and we will be able to send you copies as needed.

Has there been a change to the service period on my bill?

Going forward, all customers will be billed for products and/or services monthly. These monthly charges will reflect fees for products and/or service incurred immediately during the previous service period

Will there be any changes to my online billing account?

No. You will continue to have access to the same features you currently enjoy and will be able to view all your previous and new bills in your existing online account. If you do not have an online account, visit and follow the easy steps to sign up today!


If you receive your Enercare Solutions or Enercare Home Services charges on your Enbridge Gas bill, see below for further information

Enbridge Bill Example:

My Enercare Solutions charges are billed on my Enbridge Gas bill, will this be changing?

No. If you are currently billed for your Enercare charges on your Enbridge Gas bill, you will continue to receive your charges via the Enbridge Gas bill. Please note that the charges appearing on your Enbridge Gas bill will now reflect Enercare Home Services rather than Enercare Solutions.

Is there a change to how I should make payments?

If you receive your charges on your Enbridge Gas bill, no changes are required on your part. You will continue to make your payments as you do today.

What if I need a copy of a previous bill?

If your charges appear on your Enbridge Gas bill, please contact Enbridge Gas for copies of your previous bills.

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